Ruth changes her mind and everyone’s getting fed up with the rowing.

Radio Times: David chips in.

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  • Phil’s birthday sets off well with a new jumper from Shula (who broke her lenten vows with one of Daniel’s eggs!) but Jill gets a phone call from Elizabeth and doesn’t immediately tell him the whole contents. They join up with Chris and George at Darrington for the Easter Day service (and Jill is blanked by Susan). They’re all off out for the day and generally enjoy themselves, finally Jill spills the beans about Lizzie and Ruth and their argument.
  • Shula asks Chris to agree to offering (more) storage for the Grundys, this time at the Stables. After all, 50 years of borrowing and not returning generates lots of things that need storing!
  • David gets the story from Ruth and, grudgingly, gets her to revoke her previous refusal. Acting big brother he rings and tells Lizzie – it shouldn’t escalate. Ruth admits that Susan had wound her up and does feel a little guilty for exploding at Lizzie.
  • David wanders up to the house to tell Phil about Neil, but instead hears that Lizzie had been spilling the beans to Jill. He tells them that it’s all sorted, but would rather that Lizzie hadn’t run to Jill to tell tales. Phil’s glad that David had, at least, made the first move.