Ruth gets short shrift from Susan and tells Lizzie that she won’t be going to the baptism, despite Lizzie’s offer of a truce.

Radio Times: Good Friday? Not in Ambridge.

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  • Neil’s at Brookfield – not to plead for his job, he’s consoled himself with the realisation that pig farming is having a hard time, but to ask whether Phil knew, given that he was the reason that Neil’s in pigs in the first place. No, David responds, Phil doesn’t know yet – and he’d prefer for that to continue until after his birthday.
  • Jill’s nervous of the conflict spoiling the baptism, but Lizzie reveals her truce – despite her perception of Nigel’s thoughtlessness yesterday.
  • Susan is furious with Neil – she thought he’d been up to Brookfield to discuss compensation – and when Ruth comes into the shop, the feathers fly. Susan can’t see why Neil wasn’t told weeks ago and Ruth tries to explain how hard the decisions are. Susan, though, tries (and fails) to equate problems making the mortgage with problems over the direction of a farm, even now, worth half a million pounds.
  • Clarrie’s not looking forward to moving into the flat, but is glad that they have friends like Brookfield to give them storage. Maybe baking a simnel cake for The Bull’s competition will be her last act in her kitchen?
  • Ruth’s having a tough day as she refuses Lizzie’s offer of a truce, accusing her of just creaming off the profits and avoiding the tough decisions, and telling her that she won’t be coming to the christening.