Susan’s worried about Neil’s jobless future and Nigel’s had enough of Lizzie’s whining.

Radio Times: Nigel consorts with the enemy.

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  • Neil has the uneviable task of telling Susan about the Brookfield situation. She’s concerned about their earnings in the short-term.
  • Nigel and Shula have a clandestine meeting in Underwood’s. Nigel wants to make sure that she’ll still be coming to the baptism meeting today – off course she will – and he mentions that he’s a little put out by Lizzie’s fussing over the inheritence. Simon and Debbie say hello en route from wedding outfit buying …
  • Later, after the meeting, Shula runs off but when Debbie mentions his earlier sighting, Lizzie is livid with Nigel. But he’s had enough too and asks her, for his and the twins’ sake, to call a truce, at least until after the christening.