Baby Spice and Tess move to Brookfield, while Neil finds that he won’t be going there as pig-man.

Radio Times: David has to tell the truth.

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  • Joe meets Marjorie on the bus to Borchester – she’s still not up to driving herself and doesn’t like relying on Hayley, maybe he’d like to be distracting by driving with her?
  • William’s delighted with the progress of his rooms at the Dower House, but Caroline solves his nagging fears over Baby Spice and Tess – David and Ruth would be delighted to house them at Brookfield. And what with Caroline discovering that she’s storing some of the Grundys’ furniture too, some of their woes are eased.
  • Not quite such good news for Neil. He calls on David to discuss precise starting dates, only to find that the job he thought he had is no longer there. He’s hurt, to say the least, to have to find out so late in the day – the years of work mean nothing?