Lizzie’s still not admitting any blame and the Grundys’ worst fears are realised when they visit their new home.

Radio Times: The Grundys are up in the air.

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  • Edward’s off-school (it must be a late break-up in Borsetshire!) with his bad foot, so he can travel with his parents and Joe to see the flat they’ve been offered. It’s around the corner from some school friends, so he’s not so worried. The others aren’t looking forward to living on a council estate in Borchester. William, though, is less concerned, excited by his future lodgings.
  • Lower Loxley’s building plans are continuing apace, but her argument with Shula is troubling Lizzie. Although not enough for her to have decided to take any of the blame for the situation on to her own shoulders (Jill’s tears are completely David’s fault), she doesn’t mention the subject matters that did crop up, but is obviously feeling hurt and worried by the seriousness of the battle. She and Nigel are trying to discuss the stock list for their souvenir shop (including a line of twin teddy bears) but are side-tracked by the after-effects of the argument on the twins’ baptism on Friday, and the hope that Shula will still wish to be a godmother for Lily.
  • The Grundys visit their new flat and it is as bad as they feared. The fifth floor of a tower block (with a broken lift), only two bedrooms (and Edward doesn’t want to share with Joe), no pets allowed (and Tess will be classed as a pet) and a aural backdrop of sirens. Joe would rather not have to see Heydon Berrow through a telescope craning from the edge of their balcony and Clarrie’s concerned that the kitchen will be too small to be useful. William’s got a few problems, too – like where to house Baby Spice?