The petition gets handed in and the family still can’t see where Lizzie is coming from.

Radio Times: Phil decides to do his own thing.

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  • David collects the petition from the Bull and plans to deliver it to Graham Ryder later, Sid’s talking up the Easter activities on offer in the pub (including the untested egg-bowling) but seems generally distracted …
  • Shula delivers the news of her argument with Lizzie to their parents. They’re saddened, but not surprised. Phil’s birthday is on Sunday and, honestly, he doesn’t seem to want to spend in the bosom of his family – preferring the idea of a day out to a stately home with Chris and George (it must be bad …).
  • Sid drops in on Jolene’s, as she’s taking the tiles from her bathroom wall. She hadn’t expected to see him, but he’s happy to spend time with her. He doesn’t even seem disappointed that she’s busy (although she seems a little put off by him weighing in with help, rather than ripping her overalls off)!
  • David’s delivered the petition, but Phil warns him not to get his hopes up – publicity like that will be water off a duck’s back to a company like Borchester Land. The twins’ baptism is also coming up this weekend and while Phil’s birthday might be set to be spent away from the farm, Jill’s planning a buffet following the baptism. Of course, she’s not asked Lizzie yet …