Pat blames herself for Tony’s heart attack and says she will never take him for granted again.

Radio Times: Pat blames herself. Meanwhile, Alice has her nose to the grindstone.

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  • Tom is determined to press on with the polytunnels. Now he knows how keen the chefs are, there is a whopping great premium out there. They’ll have to get the packaging sorted for the wholesale market. Tom is still whining about how much he has to do and Helen is still doing precisely nothing. Jazzer is going to work a few more hours to take some pressure off Tom.
  • Everything is full steam ahead for Alice and Chris to take over the business. Jennifer finally tells Alice how proud she is of them both. But Alice is now worrying about her revision. Jennifer is worrying about Brian. He seems obsessed with tracking the anti Dairy contingent on the internet. He was even reluctant to take Ruairi out. Jennifer is trying out new recipes for the veg boxes in the meantime. Alice tells her of a cunning plan she has to matchmake a student she knows with Amy but Jennifer things she should stay out of it.
  • Tony is up to a short walk around the farm though Pat fusses him not to stay out in the cold too much. She knows she shouldn’t but to think they might have lost him. She has a conversation later with Helen when she says how guilty she feels. She has just been thinking of herself ever since she heard about Rich. And all Tony was thinking about her. Helen tries to tell her it was the high blood pressure and cholesterol but Pat won’t listen. Look at the price he’s paid for all the stress. But Pat says she’ll never take him for granted again.

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