Ambridge Organics launch their new products and Jim makes Shula the recipient of his first Lent challenge compliment.

Radio Times: Tom hopes for a taste of success, while Jim is taking things seriously.

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  • It’s a big day for Ambridge Organics and in spite of all advice Tony still seems bent on going to the big launch. However he feels a bit tired so decides, after all, to have a quiet day at home.
  • A chance meeting with Shula allows Jim to make a start on his Lent challenge: he compliments Shula on the correctness of her decision to buy Topper and on her knowledge of horses.
  • The launch is going well; there are lots of people from all over, and all so positive. There are plenty of complimentary remarks and Helen thinks a new cheese order is on the cards. A missed call from David is briefly worrying but it turns out to be just a report that all is well.
  • When Shula meets Alan, the sight of Jim engaged in peregrine-spotting leads her to report on her amazing conversation with him earlier: praise from Jim is a compliment indeed. Alan can but agree. He later discusses the conversation with Jim who assures him that the compliment was sincere, though he admits that his relationship with Shula made it a tricky one. He is serious about the challenge and intends to keep records – and have witnesses.
  • It was such a good day for Ambridge Organics. When they get back, Pat finds Tony asleep in front of the TV; she will tell him all about it later.

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