Ruth thinks she has the answer to Brookfield’s dairy problems.

Radio Times: Brian has been caught on camera, while Ruth thinks she has the answer.

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  • Ruth is now ready to share her ideas with David. She thinks she knows how to make milk pay. Of course, her ideas are not yet fully costed but in essence they should move from all year round calving to block calving in the autumn. Milk production would be highest in autumn and spring allowing best use to be made of the grass and in between the paddocks would have more time to recover. Got that?
  • There’s been another demonstration at the market but Brian is pleased to report this one went off like a damp squib. He is less pleased about the report in The Echo about the earlier one, complete with a picture of him and Kirsty. Relax; it will soon blow over. He has to apologise to Jenny for the email that Helen has sent her with lots of veg. recipes; she is only too pleased to help but it would have been nice to be asked first. Oops!
  • Ed has had a busy day and is late home, where he finds Emma in a state of high dudgeon: Eddie had a job to go to so had handed Keira over to Joe, who then had to take her to the bus stop to meet George. Hopeless! Emma can only go out to work if she has somebody she can trust to look after the kids. Ed will try to get Oliver to change the days he does the milking, leaving Ed free to look after them – just until they can organise proper childcare.
  • When he has had time to think about Ruth’s ideas, David apologises for the lukewarm reception he gave them earlier. After a quick look through the figures, he thinks there might be something in it. Ruth will get a consultant in to advise but she is already convinced this must be the answer.

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