Pat looks like being a lone voice speaking out against the digester.

Radio Times: Adam and Brian digest the facts.

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  • Adam and Brian are due a presentation from the digester company. After that they are all going to go to the Bull to talk things through and it’s Pat’s birthday.
  • Pat and Tony are also going to the presentation and Tony wants to be honest about their views and that they aren’t going to be involved before it alters the estimates. But Pat is determined he isn’t going to get away with things. She is still pretty grumpy in the pub afterwards. Her problem isn’t with using animal waste; it’s with taking land out of food production. All the others are really keen about using a renewable source of energy but she is determined it’s still the wrong solution for Ambridge. But Tony might be wavering.
  • Kathy is still feeling rough and having a difficult time at work. She feels very guilty about missing Pat’s birthday – but then that wasn’t much of a celebration either.

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