Ruth has the date for her operation in 3 weeks. Pip and Lynda plan a campaign against Matt for destroying the skylark habitat.

Radio Times: Pip and Lynda join forces.

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  • Matt had a long lunch with Annabelle and the board and suffers afterwards listening to Lynda also complaining about the ploughing up of the skylarks’ habitat. He’s getting a bit fed up with it.
  • Ruth has had her date from the hospital. It’s only in three weeks. They’ll have to work out what to tell the children. Meanwhile the whole family is getting excited about the digester including Pip.
  • Tom, apparently, is strongly in favour of the digester and thinks Pat and Tony are mad to object. Pat, however, goes even further and says she will lodge an objection with the planning authority. Tony is definitely not sure about that and even thinks if they were in on it they could influence things but Pat is determined to try to block it.
  • Pip takes the news about the breast op quite well and is pleased to be the first to know. She even offers to help out on the farm. Lynda turns out to be a Pip supporter too when she comes round to congratulate her on standing up to Matt. But David is a bit reluctant once Lynda and Pip start talking about a press campaign against him.

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