Pat makes no headway with Helen and Phoebe is still upset about Kate.

Radio Times: Pat tries to mediate and Phoebe’s keen to talk.

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  • Phoebe is anxious that Roy won’t be home so she can get an internet connection to Kate. Kathy hears the end of the call and asks what is wrong. Roy tells her how upset she is. She has taken days to get over the airport trip and now has been to busy to talk to her properly. Typical Kate.
  • Pat tries to talk to Helen but she won’t have any of it. She will barely talk to her and won’t even discuss Tony’s behaviour. She knows exactly how he feels. He thinks she is a failure for not having a man. She more or less throws Pat out when Ian arrives to decorate.
  • When Phoebe does make the call the conversation is rather stilted. When she finally gets warmed up into the chat, Kate decides she has to leave. Phoebe is still very stressed about it. She feels like she is just getting to know her and off she goes again. Roy tells her how proud of her he is but she doesn’t sound convinced.
  • Pat pours out her troubles to Kathy for a change. Helen seems completely het up again, just as she was settling down. Now it’s back to square one and Helen can’t or won’t talk about it. And Tony has backed off. Kathy tells here it will be alright by Christmas but Pat isn’t so sure.

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