Tony offers an olive branch but it is rejected by Helen.

Radio Times: Helen struggles to forgive and forget, and Nigel works his charm on Jill.

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  • Decorating the nursery is proceeding apace; Ian reckons that, to coin a phrase, it will all be over by Christmas. Tony would like the rift with his daughter to be over as quickly; he calls with a peace offering, something for the baby – but he has got it wrong: he has bought a baby monitor which Helen has already got and, she tells him, he has seen it. His offer to change it cuts no ice. He retreats with Helen’s dismissal ringing in his ears: it doesn’t matter; don’t bother; it’s up to him.
  • At Lower Loxley, Lily is in a sulk but Nigel works his charm; he persuades her to put herself in her brother’s shoes and, rather than resenting his part in the panto, to be happy for him and let him enjoy it; she later offers to help Freddie learn his lines. Right now they have grandma for company on a ride in Cranford Crystal’s hay wagon, complete with hot chestnuts.
  • Helen decides she is going shopping in Borchester. Ian counsels that it will be very busy and offers to come too but no, Helen knows best. Although when she gets back, she admits that it was indeed busy. Why, Ian asks, is she giving her dad such a hard time? He suggests that she might have misconstrued Tony’s good intentions. No, she feels that he has blanked everything to do with the baby; the baby monitor is an example of this. He cannot look forward to the baby; he won’t change and Helen feels she will just have to get used to it.

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