Tony is still struggling to repair his relationship with Helen.

Radio Times: Tony tries to make amends and it is highway robbery at Lower Loxley.

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  • At Lower Loxley, Kenton is preparing to be Highwayman Rick Turnip; being on the last minute he has had to buy expensive Lower Loxley Christmas cards and is moaning about it. As Pat delivers yoghurt, he enquires after Helen but gets a bland response that gives no clue to the current upset. Duty calls: the Echo photographer has arrived to capture Rick as he demands “stand and deliver”.
  • When Tony calls at Helen’s flat, he finds only Ian there, working on the nursery. He has changed yesterday’s gift for a brightly coloured mobile to hang over the baby’s cot. He delights in showing it to Ian, who is sure that Helen will like it.
  • Pat phones as Tony drives away and he reveals where he has been and why – yesterday’s debacle, which made him feel a real idiot, and the new present that he has left with Ian. He has worked out that Helen equates his not remembering with not caring. Pat suggests that he rings Helen later but he will leave her to ring him when she is ready; he doesn’t want a replay of yesterday.
  • When Helen returns she is delighted with Ian’s work and has to admit that her dad’s present is gorgeous. Ian takes pains to stress that Tony had put a lot of thought into it and was himself very pleased with it. Helen takes a more negative view: mum must have helped him as she would not risk him messing up a second time. It doesn’t seem likely that she will be ringing him any time soon.
  • When Pat returns home, she finds Tony disconsolately checking his phone. Helen has not rung. Like Ian, Pat puts things in a positive light but Tony doesn’t buy that: he doubts whether Helen will ring at all.

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