Pat’s counselling skills and Tony’s gearbox expertise are both unwanted.

Radio Times: Tony offers his expertise.

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  • Pat is helping Helen today with a special promotion but is really hoping there will be time for a chat; Helen looks so down these days. Ed and Jazzer turn up to work on Ed’s car; they have all the manuals and turn down, politely but firmly, any offer of help from Tony. They have to go into Tony’s workshop, where the MG resides, to plug in a power extension. Jazzer would like to ask for a ride in the MG but is discouraged as it might stimulate Tony’s interest.
  • Kenton has found a suitable outfit for Nigel but something else is needed, an obsession. He has always been interested in houses so he will pretend to be an architect on his date with Lizzie.
  • Tony is working in a nice warm polytunnel, quite a contrast to the building where Ed and Jazzer have the car. They have tripped a breaker when plugging in an extension but they will sort it out if Tony tells them where it is.
  • In the veg. shop, the conversation is soon turned to holidays, specifically the one that Pat thinks Helen should have right now. Helen explains that things are awful for Greg since the accident (it was an accident) and she is certainly not leaving him on his own at such a time.
  • Tony calls in on Ed and Jazzer to find them up in the loft looking for storage space; he is not happy about this as he is not sure of the safety of the floor up there. When asked to show him the gearbox, they suddenly have to go; they have promised to shift compost for Eddie. When Pat returns, he cannot understand why they are determined not to let him near their car. Pat has other things on her mind. She thinks that Greg is bitter and feels unfairly treated about the accident but Helen won’t actually talk to her about it. As usual, Tony has to remind her not to interfere; they must just be there for her when she wants to talk. Until then there is not a lot they can do.

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