In their different ways, Lilian and Nigel each work on their appearance.

Radio Times: Style tips from Kenton.

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  • Nigel is making a surreptitious phone call to Kenton for some advice on style, in preparation for his date with Lizzie. She is just off to town but will wait half an hour while he sees Mike Tucker about some fencing; meanwhile she will take Auntie Chris’ Silver Wedding present.
  • Lilian is being encouraged by Jennifer to be bold and emphasise her optimistic side. Jennifer in turn is about to have her hair cut short.
  • Nigel explains where the fence is needed; it’s to get back some of the old species by creating a hay meadow managed in the old style.
  • Jennifer’s verdict: Lilian looks stunning in red. She reckons still has the legs for it; it might just do the trick of regaining her pulling power, especially with some sexy stockings. There are plenty more out there, as Jennifer observes.
  • Kenton thinks Nigel is too ‘buttoned up’. He looks organised, with no surprises. It’s not so much the clothes, which are of good quality of course, but rather the way he wears them. He is about Kenton’s size, so he will bring over a few jackets and shirts and experiment; the hair needs to be different too but when Lizzie suddenly appears, the subject has to be changed abruptly. What’s he up to? He has guilt all over his face.
  • For lunch the sisters have found a nice restaurant, not too expensive. Perhaps Jennifer will give dinner for two in the promises auction; Lilian would make it for one – with her. Matt appears and heaps compliments on both but only has eyes for Lilian. He wants a business meeting but she is cool: ring her at home and she will put something in the diary. She thinks that went rather well.

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