David muses about getting out of sheep. Adam decides to have a Sunday afternoon off to help Ian.

Radio Times: Bert worries about the future.

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  • David is too busy with lambing to go with the family to lunch at Glebe Cottage but maybe this will be the last year of lambing; with the removal of subsidy he wonders whether it is worth all the hassle. Bert overhears this remark when he comes in from church and gives David no peace all day about it.
  • Jennifer is keen to get Brian out of the house before Lilian visits; she wants a shoulder to cry on and he is not the soul of tact. Being dumped by Matt has come as a bit of a shock and she is surprised that it matters so much.
  • Brian is surprised to find Adam knocking off already; surely the spraying is not finished. It’s not but he has promised to help Ian move in to his flat. There follows a lecture on the special demands of farming, which sometimes takes precedence over personal life. (Like he put the farm before dallying with Siobhán a little while ago!) Brian wants an hour to look at the wheat first.
  • Bert has been talking to the vicar about organising a promises auction. David fancies himself as auctioneer but the vicar is doing that himself.
  • Lilian feels that she and Matt were so good together and she deflects Jennifer’s observation that he doesn’t happen to be free as a technicality: the marriage is one of convenience. Jennifer suggests that she moves on, walk away now rather than become a victim. Victim? Lilian doesn’t plan to be one of those.
  • Adam makes good his escape with another mini lecture ringing in his ears, about the difference between profit and loss being attention to detail. Lilian has decided not to stay for lunch (you can bet Brian is gutted about that) but is set for some retail therapy tomorrow; this is what Jennifer describes as being positive.

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