Ian asks a favour of Adam but dodges Lilian’s attentions.

Radio Times: Nigel takes the plunge.

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  • Ian is very impressed by the Farmers’ market, and buys lots of cheese. Adam is equally impressed with Ian’s talents as a chef. They clearly hit it off, but are interrupted by Lilian, who wants Adam to come shopping with her. Her attempts to flirt with Ian send him rushing off.
  • At the Stables Alistair and Shula admire their finished bedroom. Shula has taken Ruth’s advice and had one of their honeymoon photos turned into a huge picture as the finishing touch. But they are interrupted by Kenton, who spoils the romantic atmosphere with a crass comment.
  • It’s the Quiz night at the Bull, and Lilian is drowning her sorrows in characteristic fashion. Nigel tells the assembly about Lizzie’s dating idea, and admits to having done some internet research on flirting techniques. In front of an admiring crowd of his relations, Nigel makes a phone call to Lizzie, asking her out next Wednesday … if they can get a babysitter, that is.
  • Lilian persists in coming on to Ian, but gets little response. Ian and Adam help her home, and Ian asks Adam if he will help him move into his new flat at the weekend.

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