It’s disappointments all round.

Radio Times: Lilian goes too far.

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  • Brian is having a bad day; he’s discovered that Greg hasn’t got round to cutting back the covers, and then Jenny breaks the news that they have been summoned to lunchtime drinks with Matt and Lilian. When they get there, Matt tells Brian that he considers Greg a liability, and then Lilian announces that she has booked a city break for the four of them in Dublin. The silence that greets that announcement is deafening.
  • While Brian and Jenny go home to think up excuses for not going to Dublin, Matt tells Lilian that he doesn’t like what she’s doing. He needs space – a break from seeing each other. A tearful Lilian rings Jenny to tell her it’s all over between them.
  • After Brian has a real go at Greg over the covers, Greg goes home to tell Helen his troubles. She has booked a surprise hoilday in Lanzarote, but Greg tells her he just can’t go, he’s too afraid of losing his job now that Brian is clearly out to get him.
  • The only cheerful people in Ambridge appear to be Caroline and Oliver, who have been to the first meeting of their fostering course. But Oliver’s cheerfulness is somewhat short-lived when Caroline tells him that he monopolised the discussion. They manage to laugh about it, especially when they realise the topic for next week is Listening Skills.

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