Ian feels at home; Greg feels under pressure.

Radio Times: Tom’s empire is on the up.

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  • Ian calls at Home Farm to see the deer, and is entranced. He tells Adam about his father’s farm in Co. Antrim, and offers to spend his day off helping Adam erect the polytunnels, and to go with Adam and Jennifer to the Farmers’ Market.
  • The constant wedding talk and Clarrie’s dispproval of Eddie’s meat venture at home are getting Ed down, so he takes Jazzer to Bridge Farm to see where he’s going to work on his car. Jazzer is more interested in the hayloft above.
  • Tom’s birthday sausage-tasting gets under way, and he soon gets talking to Ian about the possibility of supplying Grey Gables. Ian’s certainly interested; it might fit his plans for a lunchtime Bistro. Greg isn’t enjoying the evening, though. First of all he’s angered at Jazzer’s appearance, then Ian starts telling Helen about Jack’s injury
  • When they get home, Helen tries to make Greg feel better about things, and suggests a holiday together, but Greg doesn’t want to know; he feels that Brian is watching his every move at present.

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