Fun and games at the Bull.

Radio Times: Pat does a good deed.

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  • It’s the day of the pub games and pancake race at the Bull, and for once the weather works in everyone’s favour. It’s cold and wet, so the race is held indoors, and everyone stays on for the games. It was all Fallon’s idea – what a change from the sulky teenager who used to hate living at the Bull. Tony reminisces about childhood at the Bull, but his team is beaten by Neil’s. The winners get a meal voucher, just in time for the Carters’ twentieth wedding anniversary.
  • Clarrie asks Pat whether Ed could use a barn at Bridge Farm to do up his car. Tony isn’t keen at first, but Pat points out that it would keep him out of trouble. Tony agrees, on condition that Ed does a few hours work around the farm.
  • Eddie is ministering to Romeo the ferret, which has a dose of Pink Eye. Clarrie is not pleased, but is even less pleased to find several joints in their fridge, which have been supplied by Snatch Foster for Eddie to sell on at his market stall. Eddie admits it’s not entirely above board – which of Snatch’s enterprises ever were?

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