Shula rings the changes.

Radio Times: It’s time for a change.

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  • As a thank you to Jack and Peggy, Ian cooks lunch for them, but Peggy forgets to take the shepherd’s pie out of the oven. Luckily Adam arrives just in time to save it from incineration, and is greatly impressed by Ian’s culinary skills, especially the chestnut cheesecake. Ian tells them how he started cooking after his mother’s death, when he was only thirteen. Adam invites Ian to Home Farm, to see their venison enterprise, and Peggy passes on another invitation, this time to Tom’s sausage tasting. Ian asks whether Helen will be there …
  • As Shula is buying magazines and fetching paint charts, she meets Ruth, who offers to have Daniel after school so that Alistair and Shula can start on decorating their bedroom. Shula confides how relieved she is that their marriage seems to be taking a happier turn.
  • At the Stables, Shula and Alistair discuss the paint charts. Shula suggests something luxurious but sensuous and Alistair can’t wait to get started. Their criticism of one another’s taste and painting technique ends in a paint fight. As Shula points out, Alistair did say he needed to take a risk sometimes. Jo Saunders