Pat will not let Helen sink into depression again.

Radio Times: Pat senses a familiar pattern.

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  • At Willow Farm, Hayley is dreading the return of Kate; she ran rings round Roy last time. Mike is curious about a letter for Roy from Borchester General; Hayley reveals the reason but not the full picture.
  • It’s happening again. Pat has found last night’s supper under Helen’s bed. They must do something. Maybe Brenda’s idea of her getting out and enjoying herself is a good one.
  • Ian finds Helen in the stock room; he wonders why she has not responded to the wedding invitation. She explains that she cannot face anything at present: her boyfriend has dumped her. She feels she has made a fool of herself; everyone must know by now; Ian assures her that he didn’t. If not the wedding, Ian urges her to come to the Stag Night and dance Ross out of her system.
  • The first anniversary of Betty’s death is approaching and Hayley has in mind a family outing. Mike is at first reluctant but decides that Betty would say “do it”.
  • Helen excuses herself from the family supper, to which Mike has also been invited; nobody believes the ‘large lunch’ she ate at Jaxx. Pat has a plan but realises the flaw in it. She has booked a holiday in Tenerife for Helen and Brenda but it would mean Brenda being away on the 16th. Mike has no hesitation: Brenda should go; he will be fine; he would rather Brenda went and enjoyed herself.

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