The Stag Night party does Helen some good.

Radio Times: Robert shows his camp side.

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  • Robert has now turned his hand to house painting and is at Home Farm to weigh up a job. Ian has good news for Adam: his brothers are coming, so he is happy.
  • Helen protests that she cannot just drop everything; she doesn’t want to go to Tenerife! Brenda insists; she must not let Ross win. Eventually Helen agrees and in that spirit, begs a lift to the Stag Night; she will even partake of the giant pizza planned to precede the party.
  • At Brookfield there is a definite thawing of the atmosphere and more than a hint of cooperation. David is turning his mind to Christmas presents for the children and suggests that they really treat them this year. (Is that what they need?)
  • The party is getting under way; don’t tell ‘Lyndi’ but Robert has been chatting up an attractive woman at the bar – actually it’s a she-boy! He fancies a go at karaoke next. Brenda is sorry she will miss the wedding but Ian understands the need to take Helen away.
  • Who should sign the Brookfield Christmas cards? David suggests that Ruth do it for all of them. He has been helping Pip with her homework; it’s unheard of for her to start it on a Friday evening. Ruth wouldn’t mind if he went to the party but he will stay.
  • Helen declares she is having a brilliant time. So is Robert as he takes over the microphone. This could go on past Helen’s bedtime but she doesn’t care.

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