Paul declares his love for Lilian but she stands by her man.

Radio Times: The countdown begins for Lilian, and Paul wonders if the time has come to say how he really feels.

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  • When Jazzer received Tom’s invitation to an early start, with breakfast, he had visions of sitting at the table in Bridge Farm eating a fry-up; the reality is a bacon sandwich, on the hoof. Jazzer is still moaning about Harry’s entry into the Single Wicket competition, blissfully unaware that the ploy to become a temporary resident by lodging at The Bull was Fallon’s idea. Tom’s solution is to beat him at his own game, cricket.
  • At the unit, Tom receives an unexpected visit from Vicky – unexpected only because he had forgotten it. She is standing between him and his sausage-making and his attempts to postpone the meeting fall on deaf ears; Vicky is determined to air her idea, albeit briefly. She wants to talk about marketing veal and ham pies alongside his sausages; she seems to have overlooked the fact that Tom’s sausages are organic and her veal will not be.
  • Lilian receives an unexpected visit from Paul, who has come for a purpose. He can’t get Lilian out of his mind; she opened her heart to him and he has fallen in love with her. She admits to having feelings for him too; he makes her feel good; he is a wonderful man and she has enjoyed every minute of his company. But she and Matt have been together for a long time and her future is with Matt. They can still see each other, they are practically family after all, but she cannot promise more. He had to try in case she felt the same way. Deeply disappointed, he beats a hasty retreat. He leaves Lilian in tears.

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