Eddie’s market side line comes to an abrupt end, as does Matt’s time in prison.

Radio Times: The game is up for Eddie and it’s home, sweet home, for Matt.

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  • Pip is up early; she couldn’t sleep for stressing about exams. She wouldn’t admit it to Josh but she is quite looking forward to seeing his finished video project.
  • The Joe and Eddie team have struck again: Joe’s contacts and Eddie’s influence with Mitzi have moved somebody else up the order of sales – for a fee.
  • It’s Matt’s big day and Lilian is waiting for him outside the prison. He is looking forward to being home, pausing only at the tobacconists to buy his first cigars for a very long time.
  • David joins Eddie and Joe in the market canteen; he has been talking to the senior auctioneer and it seems that Eddie’s name has been flagged up for the number of late entries he has arranged lately. The hint is taken; it will be strictly by the rules from now on.
  • Before lunch at Brookfield, David had called in on mum and reported that the teacher liked Josh’s video. Kenton was there, worrying that a sick electrician threatens his grand gala opening. The family meal is interrupted when Jude texts from the farm gate, despite David having backed down, and Pip drops everything and goes a-running.
  • Matt is enjoying the sort of food that he hasn’t had in a long time – and one of his favourite cigars. He recognises the special effort that Lilian has made. What’s more, she proposes to take their post-lunch brandies upstairs – know what I mean, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

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