There’s harmony at the Dower House but not at 1, The Green.

Radio Times: It’s all work and no play for Tom and Brenda, and the Dower House opens its doors to guests.

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  • Jill had watched Josh’s video with some trepidation, fearing she would look like Fanny Craddock, but now she is inviting Jennifer to watch it. First, though, Jennifer must ring to remind Brian that they are invited to the Dower House this evening. In truth, he would prefer to stick pins in his eyes.
  • Matt is determined: he is going into the village shop and The Bull; if anyone has anything to say about him, they can say it to his face. His first encounter is with Jill, tending her daffs, which gives him an opportunity to demonstrate his newly acquired gardening knowledge. When Phil’s name crops up, he hastily remembers her recent bereavement and offers his condolence.
  • There’s more pig movement at Bridge Farm and more moaning from Jazzer – this time about Alistair’s failure to get back to him. Tom ignores a call from Vicky: he has not looked at her veal pie proposal. He cannot ignore one from Brenda; she will be late and wants him to put some potatoes in to bake.
  • Drinks at the Dower House is awkward; Brian’s joke is not appreciated and Jenny suggests Matt going for a swim – oh yes, sporting his tag! On the way home they conclude that they are none the wiser about Matt’s plans or about the state of his relationship with Lilian; they seem rock-solid; clearly Lilian has said nothing about Paul.
  • Tom gets home only minutes before a very tired and crabby Brenda. So there are no potatoes in the oven – worse than that, there are no potatoes. Her response to his offer to cook is rather ungracious, to say the least.

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