Tom says no to Vicky but yes to Alistair. Pip gets her hopes up.

Radio Times: Alistair goes on a recruitment drive, and Vicky embraces a new challenge.

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  • Cricket practice is especially important this week: the team needs to bounce back from their defeat. Alistair is pre-occupied with the Single Wicket competition. He is impressed with the enthusiasm of Harry, who has even set up an online sponsorship facility. Maybe this will bring in more youngsters.
  • Vicky reaches the shop in the nick of time but once there is in no hurry. When she mentions Matt, Susan makes a heartfelt comment about how awful is prison – so people say, she adds in haste; she would clearly prefer that Vicky stayed ignorant of her record. Susan suggests a bit of ad-hoc till training for Vicky but she proves none too quick on the uptake and Susan is soon regretting the move.
  • Tom is trembling in his boots because – again – the larder is empty and a hungry Brenda is heading his way. Roy calls, having been injured at nets, and offers a solution – The Bull.
  • The only snag with going to The Bull is that Tom meets people. First he encounters Vicky, whom he turns down as gently as possible, because her veal is not organic. That must have taken a lot of thought! Then Alistair leans on him to enter the Single Wicket competition; he cracks – and agrees to try to recruit Brenda too, which he later succeeds in doing.
  • David returns home to find Pip burning the midnight oil. She is hoping that her tough week will be topped off by a night out with Jude, somewhere special to cheer her up.

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