Lilian reveals that she went to the funeral and has seen Matt’s brother Paul since.

Radio Times: Lilian has a confession to make, and absence makes the heart feel anxious for Pip.

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  • What shall we do today? Lilian wants to go out for the whole day and do something special. Matt suggests a day at the races.
  • At Brookfield, Pip is rushing off to her chemistry exam; there is still no word from Jude, not even to wish her luck, though she has left several messages for him. Mum agrees to pick her up afterwards.
  • Matt is having second thoughts about Lilian being his work partner as well as his life partner – and he is still pushing his rented property plans. Lilian stands firm: either she is fully involved or she is not involved at all; they agree on an element of rented property as well as an element of refurbishment for resale.
  • The exam over, Pip’s evening plans are still uncertain. The fact is Jude is being very obscure: he has not responded at all.
  • It’s been such a nice day but Lilian has something she must get off her chest. She confesses that she went to Matt’s mother’s funeral. Predictably, he is furious, accusing her of playing happy families; he has nothing in common with these people and will never see them. Lilian stands her ground; the family was warm and welcoming, especially his brother Paul. She wants him to meet Paul, at least once. No! He wouldn’t have to go far because Paul is working at Websterbridge. It is of course obvious from this that she has seen Paul since the funeral; she was sorry for him, bearing alone the burden of his mother’s illness and death; he has been supportive to her too. So the plea is renewed – to meet Paul just once.

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