Paul stands up to Matt. Pip fails to stand up to Jude.

Radio Times: Matt has a lot he wants to say to Paul, and Pip is hoping all is well between her and Jude.

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  • An angry Matt has a confrontation with Paul, but finds he’s met his match. The more Matt blusters and threatens, the more calm and reasonable Paul becomes. Eventually the source of Matt’s anger and fear is revealed; his mother’s abandonment of him. When Paul tells him that she was a bully, Matt seems to accept things rather more calmly.
  • Pip keeps ringing Jude without success, but finally he answers. He’s been down to Cornwall with the guys, and doesn’t appear to have thought much about Pip at all. When Pip suggests that he comes to Brookfield, Jude seems noticeably reluctant. He says he’ll send one of his mates to pick her up – he can’t be bothered to come out again after driving back from Cornwall. Pip’s worried about her revision, and says she can’t come. But when Jude says he’s going to the opening of a new club in Felpersham on Monday, Pip pathetically says she’ll come too, despite having two exams next day.
  • Matt returns and tells Lilian he had nothing in common with Paul. He accuses her of concocting a fantasy in which all three play happy families. He knows how lonely and vulnerable Lilian was, but now that’s over; from now on Matt is here to stay.

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