Fallon makes plans for Harry. Matt makes plans for a new venture. Lilian plans a dinner party.

Radio Times: Lilian confides in Jennifer about Paul, and Harry is moving in at The Bull.

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  • An obviously keen Fallon helps Harry move into the Bull, and is anxious that he should make the most of his stay there. Alan calls in and is pleased to hear that Harry’s entered the Single Wicket competition, though sad to hear that Harry’s encountered some hostility as an outsider, and for his resourcefulness in getting sponsorship. Alan has a plan; he’ll get sponsors too, and that will divert unfriendly feeling from Harry. Meanwhile Fallon tells Harry all about Ambridge’s residents.
  • Lilian tries to call Paul to make sure he’s all right after his meeting with Matt, but can’t get through to him. She leaves Matt drawing up business plans while she goes to Home Farm for lunch.
  • Jennifer is shocked when Lilian tells her about Paul’s declaration of feelings for her, but Lilian assures her it’s all sorted out. She’s happy with Matt, who is being very considerate.
  • Lilian returns to find that Matt has thought of a name for their venture – Amside Properties. Until the business takes off, Matt’s happy to have Lilian in the office. Meanwhile, mindful that Brian and Jennifer looked after Lilian while he was unavoidably absent, Matt agrees that they should be asked to dinner.

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