Peggy agrees to getting professional help to help with Jack.

Radio Times: It’s Peggy’s party and she’ll cry if she wants to.

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  • Tom is summoned by Jazzer to an emergency with the pigs. Some of the pigs seem to be scratched and Jazzer is blaming the new help. He presents Tom with an ultimatum – either Gary goes or he does. So Gary is sacked. Suddenly Brian and Jazzer are on the same side – Tom needs to do more to find some decent help.
  • Jennifer is still feeling guilty about upsetting Peggy even though Brian tries to persuade her that she did what she thought was best. They are going round as a family but Lilian is adamant that whatever Peggy wants to do they will have to go along with this time.
  • Peggy begins to realise she has been a bit silly and needs some help. Jennifer admits she was wrong not to tell Peggy about putting Jack into a home and they agree to say no more about it. Jennifer wants to arrange for a rota for the family to help but Peggy has decided she needs professional help – someone like Maria.

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