Peggy finally breaks down at her birthday tea and admits she can’t cope.

Radio Times: Mike and Eddie become an unwilling double act.

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  • Mike and Eddie are squabbling about who is going to be front and who the back of the cow while Kenton offers to direct their rehearsal. Eventually, they decide Eddie will be the back. But how does a cow actually walk? The dancing goes rather better though and they make a pretty good show of it.
  • Jennifer and Lilian wonder how well Peggy is really doing. Suppose Jack is being difficult and she isn’t just telling them. Adam is put on the spot a bit when they ask him if he thinks Peggy is coping. He suggests they just talk to her. But they don’t want to spoil her birthday.
  • At Peggy’s birthday tea Jack keeps saying Peggy isn’t happy and finally Peggy breaks down and admits she can’t cope. What has she got to celebrate? She can’t go on and she doesn’t know if she even wants to.
  • Adam admits he knew what was going on and Jennifer is very hurt that she turned to Ian for help rather than her daughters. But Peggy’s fear is that if they thought that she couldn’t cope they would send Jack away permanently. How can they help her though, if she won’t trust them?

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