Peggy finally leaves Jack at the Laurels after some emotional farewells.

Radio Times: Jack moves into his new home.

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  • Peggy takes Jack to the Laurels. Jack gets distressed and Peggy finds it very hard to leave him. She finally does leave him and they find out later he has settled. Brian is amazed at how Peggy has coped so well. He isn’t sure he could have shown the same courage.
  • Ruth is still worrying about how Pip is getting on at college. She still hasn’t made any friends. She even talks about wishing she could just farm and not worry about college. Ruth tries to convince her it will be worth it but she doesn’t sound convinced.
  • William tells Brian about the birds he believes Ed has poached and Brian tells him he gave Ed the pheasants as a gift. Will is furious and Brian tears him off a strip for always complaining about Ed.

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