Vicky and Joe get the job of doing the decorations at Lower Loxley

Radio Times: Vicky and Joe get creative.

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  • Vicky and Joe descend on Lower Loxley and persuade Nigel to give them a chance with the decorations. Elizabeth is less than convinced when she hears about it so they offer to provide a prototype of a kissing bough for her to see. They enjoy making it but Joe warns her she will have to keep quiet about the punch idea for the time being.
  • Peggy is still upset about Jack and went to see him with Chris even though she’d been advised against it but he seemed more settled and had had a reasonable night. Peggy slept for a full 9 hours at Home Farm for the first time in years. Alan has been to see him to and said he was eating well. Peggy likes Alan and hopes Shula finds a way to come back to St Stephens. She knew it was inevitable that Jack would have to go but she feels she has failed him. Chris assures her she hasn’t and that it will feel like the right thing in the long run.

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