Peggy rekindles an old interest. Fallon takes on a new interest.

Radio Times: Jolene plays fairy godmother while Jill has reservations about the latest news from overseas.

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  • As Adam and Brian rig up heated pens for the orphan lambs they discuss Peggy’s birthday tea and Ruairidh’s party. Brian has decided to retreat to his office with a bottle of Scotch during the party; he wouldn’t want to steal Jenny or Kate’s thunder. Adam thinks he might join him. The noble Ian is not only gracing Peggy’s tea, he will be the conjuror at Ruairidh’s party.
  • Peggy is in girlish mood as she entertains Jill to tea. She shows her Conn’s email and talks at length about him, totally ignoring Jill’s mention of Jack.
  • Brian is not looking forward to the first meeting of the Borchester Market board. He has a feeling that Matt will have primed Lilian. Adam points out that she could easily be outvoted. Brian acknowledges this, but has no wish to cause family divisions.
  • Lynda calls at the bull to see if Fallon will be able to provide a music track for the pantomime. Jolene has forgotten to ask her, but Fallon is very taken with the idea. Lynda fears she may yet have to cast Sabrina Thwaite as Alice, in which case Fallon will have to sing while Sabrina mimes. However, Jazzer came to rehearsal, and will take on the Idle Jack role, though was not enthusiastic about Lynda’s idea of making it a comic Scotsman role. Jolene overhears their conversation, and insists that Fallon should take on the role of Alice. She will cover at the Bull. At first Fallon puts up endless excuses, but Jolene is adamant. Fallon will go the Ball, even though the pantomime is actually Dick Whittington.

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