Jazzer is concerned about a sow. David is concerned about a ewe. Jill is concerned about Peggy. Eddie is concerned about a scam. Tom is concerned about wasting energy

Radio Times: Peggy is impressed by Tom’s business acumen and Jazzer makes his debut.

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  • Jazzer is concerned for one of the sows, and wants to take her into the shed where he can keep an eye on her, but Tom brushes the matter aside. Jazzer is off to rehearsal, which is a more inviting prospect now that Fallon has joined the cast. Tom can think only of his energy saving schemes, an interest which Jazzer fails to share.
  • Eddie and David have a sick animal to tend as well; a ewe with suspected orf. It seems that this is a case for Alistair, though Pip lends a hand with the first aid. In her increasingly irritating little-girl voice, Pip tells David how hard it is to play a hymn on the church organ, and how she needs to go and phone Lucan about the dinner dance.
  • Peggy is very grateful when Tom appears to fix the light broken by Bill. She uses it as another excuse to introduce Conn into the conversation. When Tom tells her about his energy-saving scheme, Peggy says she’ll tell Conn all about it. Conn will be so interested …
  • Jill asks David if he can repair a rickety hive for her, and mentions Peggy’s new interest. Jill feels she is being disloyal to Jack, but David thinks a new interest will be good for Peggy.
  • Jazzer escapes from Lynda to have a quick fag, and meets Eddie, who is escaping Nathan Booth. Nathan is organising a scam for race Night, and Eddie hates the idea of cheating the British Legion out of money. He decides to have it out with Nathan after rehearsal. But Jazzer has a better idea. It’s time Nathan Booth was taught a lesson.

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