Will fails to enjoy his evening out. Eddie fails to convince Clarrie of his innocence.

Radio Times: Eddie plans a diversion and tensions surface at the dinner dance.

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  • Nic and Will drop the children off to spend the night with Clarrie. Nic looks wonderful in her new dress, and even Eddie is impressed. Clarrie urges Will to relax and enjoy the evening, no matter who else is there. But secretly she wishes she could have seen Ed and Emma in their finery too.
  • Pip is masterminding the whole evening with her co-organiser Lucan, though he is very silent. The room fills up quickly, and the only seats for Will and Nic are, of course, on Ed and Emma’s table. Nic tries hard to lighten the atmosphere, and Emma finds a moment to tell Will she is sorry not to have told him personally about the baby, but Will remains tense and angry, finding an opportunity to quarrel with Ed over whose round it is. Nic enjoys herself greatly, which does little to improve Will’s mood.
  • Eddie is in a strange mood, continually trying to get Clarrie out of the house. She does call to return a baking dish to Kathy, and when she returns she catches Eddie red-handed, taking the list of Race Night winners from Joe’s pocket. She is furious, but Eddie insists it is not what Clarrie thinks

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