Clarrie agrees to out-fox Nathan. William’s not keen on a family Christmas.

Radio Times: There is a visitor to St Stephens and Clarrie faces a big decision.

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  • Clarrie is still against giving Eddie the race results even though she knows it’s to teach Nathan a well-earned lesson. Her trip to church changes her mind. Hearing a 28 year old ex-soldier talk about his mental health issues since leaving the army 18 months ago and how the British Legion helped him settles her mind. How dare that miserable beggar Nathan try and cheat the Legion.
  • Nic’s helping William clear a path, although that may be just to soften the news of the invite for the whole family for Christmas dinner. Will’s not keen, he’s still sour about the ball the other night, and Nic quickly clarifies she hasn’t said yes. Will looks for excuses and later, after Eddie has paid the final instalment of William’s van loan, tell his parents that they’re still working things out with Nic’s mum.

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