Phil mourns the potential loss of Midsummer Meadow; Kirsty finishes her relationship with Tom

Radio Times: Kirsty has something important to say.

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  • Phil and Jill are walking through and admiring Midsummer Meadow, reminiscing about times past. Even with the difficulties of farming today, Phil really, really hopes David and Ruth don’t end up selling the meadow.
  • In contrast, David and Ruth are pouring over the figures for the farm. Their borrowing has to be brought down, something which would really be helped by Matts offer to buy Midsummer Meadow. As if to bring about a bit of subtle emotional pressure, Phil and Jill call in after their walk, taking great pains to talk about their walk – through the meadow!
  • Kirsty pays a rare visit to Tom at the pigs – she has something important to tell him. That important thing is that she wants to split up. Tom can’t believe it, though the total lack of emotion in his voice belies his supposed devestation. Kirsty is adamant that they are going in two completely different directions. This is definitely it – goodbye Tom.

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