Pat and Tony announce to a much hacked off Tom that they are not going to financially back his sausage expansion.

Radio Times: Tom is kicked in the teeth.

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  • Pat and Tony are working and chatting at Bridge Farm as usual. It seems Greg is off to France to see his girls, so Helen will be on her own for a few days. Tony is hoping for a nice bottle of Chardonnay on his return. They must get round to talking to Tom about his business finance, he seems to have a rather long face these days….
  • Joe and Bert are arguing over their respective computer skills in the Bull, saved by the timely intervention from Jolene, who helps Bert with his email. A number of snide remarks pass between the old men, but Joe refuses help when he gets stuck. As a result he sends his copy of ‘Joe’s Jottings’ to Jennifer unassisted, though when selecting the email address, is heard to mutter something about ‘select all’…..
  • Tony catches Tom in the yard. He and Pat have come to a decision about the finance – the answer is no. Later, in the kitchen at Bridge Farm, Tom is in a foul mood, and cannot see his parents refusal to back him as anything other than a personal slight. A little rational conversation later (well Tom sees it as rational anyway) and Tom still hasn’t managed to persuade Pat and Tony to back him. He simply cannot see their refusal as anything other than short-sighted for the farm as a whole.

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