Brian is both happy and sad at receiving a picture of Ruairidh from Siobhán; Matt puts the pressure on Ruth and David to sell Midsummer Meadow.

Radio Times: Brian is besotted.

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  • Debbie is still short with Brian. It seems to have got to the point where even discussion about essential farming business is more than she is prepared to manage.
  • In the yard at Brookfield, Chaba and David are talking. It seems Chaba is taking Kirsty to the cinema tonight. David remarks on how much of her Chaba is seeing these days, when Brian arrives. He clearly wants to talk to David alone, so David sends Chaba off to find Bert. Brian has brought over some pictures Siobhán has emailed him of Ruairidh, and just had to show somebody. Ruth arrives as Brian leaves, having left the paper copy of the photos with David. Better safe than sorry, they throw them away just in case….
  • Debbie picks up Kenton along the road. His bar manager job interview came to nothing, though he is still hoping that the casino job comes off. Debbie is really hacked off with the farm and farming in general, and is even considering a total career change. Kenton persuades her to come out to lunch at the Bull, and as a result manages to cheer her up. Debbie speculates about what her career with Nelson might have been like. Kenton suggests the two of them going back into the antiques business, though Debbie can see problems such as lack of premises and stock which Kenton is obviously blind to. She also turns down his offer to join Kathy’s birthday celebrations at the casino, as she would be the only single one there, plus seems put off by the fact that Elizabeth will also be present.
  • Back at Brookfield David and Ruth speculate about an email received from Joe – something about his privates in the hedgerows!!. Ruth also mentions that Matt Crawford has called again – he would like an answer on his offer to buy Midsummer Meadow.

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