Tom pours his troubles out to Roy, though he has not yet given up hope of finding a solution to his sausage crisis.

Radio Times: Roy is sympathetic.

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  • Tony is surprised with Tom that he is still having his meeting with the supermarket on Friday, though Tom is being rather elusive about the whole subject….
  • Shula and Heather are doing the flowers at St Stephens. Shula thinks Heather is a natural, though Heather doesn’t share her confidence. Heather has been a visitor at the church a lot more frequently since Solly died – she finds it peaceful. Phil arrives to offer Heather a lift home. Shula has heard from the Dean – a student from Bangalor is going to be presiding over the church for four weeks over Easter, though what some of the more narrow minded villagers will make of that she doesn’t know
  • Tom has called over to see Roy, and they arrange to go for a drink later. Roy tells Tom about Brenda’s outrage over Daphs Caf closing (more listener speculation about Kenton coming into that particular frame….). Tom wants to go to Borchester rather than the Bull – not wishing to run into Kirsty, though they eventually end up just having a couple of cans at Roy’s place. Tom tells Roy about the split – and how much he cannot understand why she has finished with him. On top of that he tells about the lack of financial backing for his venture from his parents. Tom is not to be deterred though – he has not given up yet. He needs a backer, and has not given up hope of his parents coming to the rescue yet, though his Friday meeting with the supermarket is looming.
  • Phil drops Heather back at Brookfield – asks whether there is any ‘news’ to pass on to Jill (referring obviously to the Midsummer Meadow sale, though not saying as much). Heather will be picking the children up from school for the next couple of days (won’t be needing Jill then – that will put her nose even further out of joint)

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