At Kathys birthday Casino night, it emerges Kenton poached Shula’s builder to fix Kathy’s roof. Alistair resolves to give Kenton three weeks notice to leave.

Radio Times: Kenton gambles his chances.

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  • Chatting with Pat at the dairy, Clarrie is delighted that their offer on the land has been accepted. Eddie is apparently feeling his age after Ed put him off entering a Radio Borchester song writing competition, pointing out that it was for new talent, not old has-beens. Pat tells Clarrie that they have not changed their mind about Tom’s financial backing. He will have to back out from the supermarket deal gracefully.
  • Over at the Stables, Alistair is outraged that the builders are dragging their heels, having noticed that the roof flashing is still not completed. He promises Shula that he will be nice to Kenton at the Casino tonight – for Kathy’s sake if nothing else.
  • At the Casino, festivities are well underway. It seems that the roofers were not at the Stables because they were at Kathy’s fixing the roof, on Kenton’s orders – and he’s told her not to worry about the bill!!!! Tony is £12 up – last of the big spenders. Kenton appears to be on a roll, unlike most others. Kathy thanks Shula and Alistair for the loan of their roofer Trevor – indeed as much of a surprise to them as it was to her!!!
  • The evening over and it’s goodbyes all round at the Stables. Once alone with Shula, Alistair is furious about Kenton’s ‘roofer lending’; he is at the end of his tether – Kenton has got to go. Shula reluctantly agrees, as Alistair plans to give Kenton three weeks notice.

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