David and Ruth decide to sell to Matt Crawford; Tom tells his parents that he is prepared to go it alone if they won’t back his business venture.

Radio Times: Ruth and David reach a decision.

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  • Another frosty reception for Brian from Debbie; she is not at all forthcoming, not even about farm business. Jennifer arrives which lightens the atmosphere a little, though not much it has to be said.
  • At Brookfield, Tony is over chatting to David in the milking parlour. They talk about last nights events. Tonys eventual losses were about £60, though to hear Tom ranting at him earlier this morning, you would think he had gambled as much as Tom is looking to borrow. It also seems that Kenton is as yet unaware that he is about to be kicked out of the Stables. Ruth arrives – there has been another call from Matt. Looks like the pressure is mounting.
  • At Home Farm Debbie is just off, having made Jennifer a cup of tea before she leaves. It is a much more friendly atmosphere as they talk about the village web-site. Debbie is congratulating Jenny on her efforts. As Debbie leaves, Jenny asks her to shut the door as she wants some peace and quiet – clearly not wanting to be disturbed by Brian.
  • David and Ruth debate the pros and cons about selling Midsummer Meadow, not least because the buyer is Matt Crawford. However at the end of the day, the economics of running the farm have to stack up, and it seems they are going to sell.
  • Its the end of the day at Bridge Farm, as Tom arrives back from his meeting with the supermarket. Tony and Pat are totally outraged when Tom tells them that rather than back out of the deal he has told the supermarket everything is on track. Come hell or high water, Tom is going to make this work either with or without his parents support – so there!!!

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