Tom is confronted by Kirsty enjoying herself and reaffirms his focus on pigs.

Radio Times: Kirsty is enjoying life without Tom.

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  • Chaba and Kirsty are out riding, although Kirsty is a bit nervous. There is plenty of advice from Shula and at least she is really enjoying having someone pay her so much attention. Chaba observes that Tom will not be pleased but Kirsty is convinced they would have split up anyway: he only has time for pigs but she wants a boyfriend with time to be with her.
  • Roy is annoyed with Tom because he is not handling well the quest for a backer. Tom is amazed that Roy is not planning so much as a drink on his birthday. Tom declares that he “couldn’t give a stuff” about Kirsty and Chaba. He eventually persuades Roy to join him in the Crown at Penney Hassett; it’s newly refurbished (hence a potential outlet for his sausages!).
  • More riding next week? Without help to get down, Kirsty will still be there next week! She is not working at all today, so will be going out for a drink with Chaba after tea at Brookfield.
  • Kenton has had a lazy day in front of the TV but Shula has news for him. It’s not working: they have been very patient but he has to go. She and Alistair are agreed; the car clamping and hijacking the builders were the last straws. Job or no job he must find a new roof by the end of the month.
  • At The Crown, Roy and Tom are impressed with the new image but the food would be unaffordable for Roy and Hayley. It is the way of the world; Brenda and Radio Borchester are mounting a campaign to save Daphne’s Cafe from a similar fate. Tom will sign her petition, even though Daphne never bought his sausages. Don’t look now …
  • … Kirsty and Chaba have avoided The Bull on her night off and have landed in the same pub. Tom is surprised that she is not working; she always works on a Sunday. Kirsty explains that, with a boyfriend who has time for her on a Sunday, this is no longer necessary. Tom is clearly annoyed but Roy cannot agree with Tom that Kirsty had Chaba lined up all along when she finished with him. Tom is keen to go and see his gran straight away on pig business but Roy counsels caution. Peggy will be tired after a day out and Tom is upset over Kirsty; to get the best result, Tom should wait until tomorrow.

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