Tom must wait and see about a loan from his gran.

Radio Times: Phil is in the doghouse.

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  • After checking that Phil has something for lunch, Jill is ready for sick visiting; she should be back by mid-afternoon. Heather calls to swap some magazines, but Jill (wearing halo proudly) has no time now. Phil suggests a trip to Borchester to sign Heather up at the library. Heather has brought a pot of marmalade from a big batch she has made.
  • Tom is putting his business case to his gran. She thinks it is well prepared but what does he want of her, £65K? Not necessarily, but she can if she likes; really he wants her to show enough faith in him to stand surety for a bank loan. He is disappointed not to get an immediate ‘yes’ but she will let him know after she comes back from a trip to London.
  • Jill’s visiting has taken much less time than expected and when she found Phil’s “curt” note, she felt the need of a trip to The Stables – for a moan to Shula. She learns of Kenton’s impending eviction: he took advantage once too often.
  • Peggy confides in Jack that she really would like to help Tom; she admires his enthusiasm. She will talk to Pat and Tony when she gets back; meanwhile Jack will get his advisors to look the plan over.
  • When Phil returns home, Jill is busy – making marmalade. The realisation that Heather is with him brings out a deep, private sigh. They had not intended to be so long but took in a film as well. Heather has bought some biscuits as thanks for the loan of Jill’s husband. Phil insists on taking her back to Brookfield and looks forward to tea and biscuits when he returns – Heather’s biscuits – “lovely” mutters Jill.

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