David and Ruth agree the sale of Midsummer Meadow to Matt Crawford.

Radio Times: Nigel can’t stand the pace.

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  • Decision time! David is giving Matt a second look around Midsummer Meadow, land he has grown up with. They shake on the deal and Matt will send a fencing contractor round (not a local!) to quote for some horse-proof fencing.
  • Freddy has broken old Dobbin, the antique rocking horse – more expense! Kenton proposes some light relief: a trip to a lap dancing club because he is planning to apply for a job there. The casino job has fallen through – Kenton feels that it is because he is overqualified. Nigel is appalled; he can’t think of anything worse – until Kenton helps him out. The prospect of Kenton returning to Lower Loxley does the trick: Nigel will go but he will drive, won’t drink and will not be late back.
  • Debbie and David are having a moan about the state of all things agricultural. David announces in confidence that they are selling the land. Debbie asks who to and urges caution: Matt is a weasel so they must read the small print. When he realises that Debbie faces a lonely evening poring over paperwork, David invites her for supper.
  • Nigel is worried about seeing someone he knows in the club; his worst fears are soon realised as Matt Crawford appears. Surely Kenton cannot work in a place like this.
  • Ruth and David appreciated a guest who played picture snap with Josh, although they could have done without the warnings about Matt. Poor David, Brian is whispering confidences in one ear, Debbie in the other; he could never be devious enough to have an affair.
  • Nigel has had enough; if Kenton wants a lift, he had better come now. Kenton is not pleased about this but it seems he has little choice.

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