Jill seems surprisingly irritated by Heather – and Ruth notices it.

Radio Times: Don’t mention the marmalade.

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  • Jill is being spoilt; Phil serves her breakfast in bed. He has had news from Elizabeth about Kenton dragging Nigel to a lap bar; the poor man was dazed by the experience. But wait a minute, Jill is sure that this breakfast marmalade is not hers. Indeed not, it is Heather’s; Phil thought they should show willing. However, ‘Saint’ Jill seems somewhat lacking in the milk of human kindness when it comes to Heather.
  • In The Bull, Joe is busy on his jottings for the web-site. Bert, who cannot get to the pub for lessons in the day, wants Jolene to teach him in the evening.
  • Jill learns from David and Ruth that they have decided to sell Midsummer Meadow. She understands and will tell Phil, though he will take it badly. Ruth wonders whether David has noticed that his mum is a bit off – about her mum; it is almost as if Jill resents her. She thought Jill would understand but maybe she feels pushed out; that is the last thing Heather would want.
  • Joe has had a great morning on the computer; Jolene thinks teachers really earn their money! Kirsty seems cheerful but Jolene points out that she has now (successfully) competed with Fallon for two men – Tom and now Chaba. Bert wins his argument over evening tuition by resorting to the ultimate deterrent – threatening that Freda will stop working as their cook. However, he will have to concentrate against a background of Dross’ loud music from upstairs. Did Bill Gates have to put up with this?

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