Tom is coming into money and Brian is shamed into spending less.

Radio Times: Tony and Pat are let off the hook.

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  • At Home Farm, Pat is delivering vegetables, Jennifer is preparing for a web-site meeting and Peggy turns up to help. Peggy is full of her trip to London to see Les Miserables again! She has heard about Tom and Kirsty and agrees with Pat that Tom is concealing his feelings when he says he couldn’t care less. They touch on Debbie’s state of health; Pat thinks that making the decision is the hardest part but significantly, Jennifer concludes that living with a decision can be harder.
  • Tony would like to convince Elizabeth that Lower Loxley’s catering should be organic. While he is wrapping some leeks for Owen to try, Brian appears, seemingly from nowhere, wishing to talk about Siobhán and Ruairidh. Elizabeth will have none of it.
  • Peggy thinks that the meeting went well, probably because Lynda was not there. Jennifer is looking tired and she admits to not sleeping. She has been thinking about why Brian was so keen to help Debbie buy Honeysuckle Cottage, also about the grouse which Brian bought from his non-shooting trip to Biarritz; he never showed so much interest in her when pregnant. Peggy wonders if she is doing the right thing in staying with Brian. She pours scorn on Jennifer’s observation that Brian is hurting too. Maybe going away together would help. Jennifer is hanging on for the return of Adam in a month.
  • Debbie is managing to have a conversation with Brian but it is not a friendly one. They should abandon the arable crops (except the rape) because they all make a loss. The land could all go into set-aside and with some cost savings, e.g. making a worker redundant, they might get by. Brian should look at the finances, as Debbie has started to do: there is certainly not enough money to support Brian’s bizarre lifestyle.
  • Peggy has called at Bridge Farm to discuss Tom’s request for backing. She has decided to go ahead as she did for John; investing in the family seems a good opportunity just now. She will tell Tom herself. When she has gone, Tony’s initial concern is for his inheritance but he realises that that is mean: Tom deserves a break.

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